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Flying to the U.S.

The CLS Program will issue you a round-trip airline ticket to travel to your program site from Washington, D.C. with the group after the pre-departure orientation and return to the United States with the group after your program ends. Please note that we cannot accommodate any individual requests for later return dates. We also cannot pay for changes to tickets or make changes to the tickets and then bill you. Your airline tickets are group tickets, purchased as a block, so you should not anticipate being able to call the airline and change your return flight date. If you want to stay in the country after the program is over – for travel, study, work, or other U.S. government programs – or if you will be traveling to another county, you will have to sign a waiver and should count on purchasing your own ticket back to the United States.

You will have to pass through customs when you arrive in the United States. You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with U.S. customs regulations.